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Laboratory Instruments

5148 - Analytical Balance
Automatic Calibration, LCD backlit display, GLP/GMP Procedure Application:
  • Weighing
  • Check Weighing
  • Parts counting
  • Dynamic Weighing
  • Below balance weighing
  • Net/Total
  • Weight accumulation
  • Animal Weighing
  • Density determination
  • Response time 2-3 sec.
Cat.No. Max. d Pan Size
5148/1 320gm 0.1 mg 90mmØ
5148/2 220gm 0.1 mg 90mmØ
5148/3 120gm 0.1mg 90mmØ

5149 - Precision Balance
  • Auto calibration with external weight.
  • Multifunction weighing units.
  • Overload protection design.
  • Quickweighing accurate result.
  • Easy to read LCD Display.
  • Auto zero tracking, low battery for continues use.
  • S.S. Weighing Pan level indicator
Cat.No. Max. d Pan Size
5149/1 200gm 0.001gm 90mmØ

5150 - Precision Balance
  • Compact and space saving.
  • Accurate to within ± division at full load
  • Dart Shield for more accurate reading.
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery for continues use.
  • Large Stainless Steel plate.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Standard RS 232 Interface for data output.
Cat.No. Max. d Pan Size
5150/1 1200 gm 0.01 gm 145x125 mm
5150/2 600 gm 0.01 gm 118mmØ
5150/3 300 gm 0.01 gm 118mmØ

5151 - Moisture Analyzer
Memory of each moisture Determination It stores last 1000 determination, so you can months, this make it Unique and DEPENDABLE.
Cat.No. Max. d Precision
5151/1 40gm 1mg 0.01%
5151/2 50gm 1mg 0.01%
5151/3 120gm 1mg 0.01%

5152 - EUTECH pH Meter
CyberScan pH Tutor meter with plastic-body "3-in-1" pH/Temp. (ATC in-built) gel filled plastic combination electrode, 12x90 mm, NBC connector, 1 m cable length, electrode stand and power
Cat.No. Model No. pH Range Calibaration Point Memory
5152/1 EGPHTUTOR-DS 0 to 14 3 NA
5152/2 EGPHTUTOR-D 0 to 14 3 NA
5152/3 pH700 -2 to 16 5 100 Data sets

5153 - EUTECH Conductivity Meter
EUTECH CON700 meter with Conductivity/ATC Probe (ECCONSEN9501D), Integral Electrode Holder & Power Adapter.
Cat.No. Model No. Conductivity Range Calibaration Point TDS Range
5153/1 ECCON70043S 0.01 to 200.0 mS/cm 5 0.01 to 100 ppt @0.5 TDS factor (to 200 ppt @ 1.0 TDS factor)

5154 - EUTECH Pocket Testers
Cat.No. pH Tester pH Range Calibaration Point Resolution
5154/1 PHTEST30 with ATC and Temp. Readout (Waterproof) -1.00 to 15.00 3 Auto .01 pH
5154/2 ECOTEST1 with | ATC (Waterproof) 0 to 14 1 .1 pH
Cat.No. Conductivity Tester pH Range Calibaration Point Resolution
5154/3 ECTEST11PLS with ATC and Temp.Readout (Waterproof) (0-200.0 úS/cm;
(0-2000.0 úS/cm
0-20.00 mS/cm)
3 0.1 úS/cm
1 úS/cm
0.01 mS/cm
5154/4 ECOECTESTHIGH .. to 19.90 mS/cm# 1 0.l0 mS/cm
5154/4 ECOECTESTSLOW .. to 19.90 úS/cm# 1 0.l0 úS/cm
Cat.No. Model No. Description
5154/5 PCSTEST35 Waterproof PCSTester 35 pH/Conductivity/TDS/SaUnity/Temp. Tester with ATC; (± 0.01 pH resolution; 0-200.0 /iS/cm; 0-2000/xS/cm; 0-20.00 mS/cm; 0-100.0 ppm; 0-1000 ppm; 0-10.00 ppt; 0-100.0 ppm; 0-1000 ppm; 0-10.00 ppt; 0 - 1.00%)
5154/6 EXPERTPH Thermo Scientific Waterproof Expert pH pocket tester with ATC and temp, display, 3 point Calibration, ± 0.01 pH accuracy
5154/7 EXPERTCTS Thermo Scientific Waterproof Expert CTS Conductivity/TDS/salinity pocket tester with ATC and temperature display (0.00-20.00 mS/cm; 0.00-20.00 ppt; 0.0-10.0 ppt)

5155 - Deep Freezer
Vertical Unit, Designed for Life Science or Medical Lab use. supplied with external temperature sensor thermometer with digital display.
Cat.No. Capacity Approx Temp.Range
5155/1 150 Ltr. -20 °C
5155/2 240 Ltr. -20 °C
5155/3 340 Ltr. -20 °C
Optional : Power Stabilizer

5156 - Upright Showcase Cooler
Vertical Unit, Designed for Life Science or Medical Lab use. supplied with external temperature sensor thermometer with digital display.
Cat.No. Capacity Approx Temp.Range
5156/1 320 Ltr. 4°C
5156/2 400 Ltr. 4°C
Optional : Power Stabilizer

5157 - Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer)
Housed in a super structure steel frame it is mounted on swivel casters. Complete with perspex see through lid, gasket and control instruments i.e. Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Controller for measurement of Temp, and Electronic Vacuum Indicator. Temp. Up to (-)40°C at ambient temperature of 20°C is maintained through a MICROPROCESSOR BASED DIGITAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR. Vacuum Drum has 6 or 12 port manifold (main drying chamber) made of stainless steel non-magnetic grade with perspex top cover. (CFC FREE AND PUFF INSULATED).
Cat.No. Capacity Approx Number Of Tests
5157/1 3.2 Ltr. 6
5157/1 5.25 ltr. 12
Optional : Power Stabilizer

5158 - Digital Viscometer
Digital Automatic Viscometer having advantage of high accuracy, stable digital display. Easy to operate and good anti-interferance. It is widely used in the measurement of viscosity of various kinds of fluids such as grease, paints, food, medicine, adhesive and cosmetic etc. It can also be used for liquids. Its with large LCD display measurement ranges is 10 to 100,000 m PA.s with 4 Spindles, 6/12/30/60 rotor speed (RPM). (Imported)
CAT. NO. Description
5158/1 Digital Viscometer

Blood Bank Refrigerator
Our Blood Bank Refrigerators are designed with latest refrigeration technology to provide safe storage of whole blood, umbilical cord blood and red blood cells (RBC), while complying with AABB, ANRC and FDA criteria. These blood refrigerators offer precise temperature control so that the blood and blood components are kept at adequate temperature in order to minimize the growth of any bacterial contamination. Often called blood bank fridge or blood storage cabinets, the standard models of these units are constructed for common capacities often required by our customers; from 30 to 165 bags or more.

Depending upon quantity and size of blood bags, these models can be further customized to meet their specific requirements. Scope of customization includes cabinet size, number of shelves, operating instruments, number of doors (single door, double doors and triple (three) doors) and temperature controller etc. We also design mobile refrigeration units for blood donation camps. We are full service blood bank refrigerator manufacturer in India. Whether you need a single compact unit or arrangement for large storage of blood bags, we have technologies and capabilities to offer you everything at one place. Each unit is affordable for all; these products are sold all over India and overseas at highly competitive price with excellent warranty terms and performance guarantee.
Conform to AABB, ANRC and FDA criteria 7-day circular chart temperature recorder
Precise temperature control Digital alarm system with battery backup
Single, double and three doors units Small, benchtop and upright design
Branded energy saving compressors Fluorescent lamp with on /off switch
CE and UL listed Unit mounted on wheels (Optional)
Internal temperature hold overtime in case of power failure Automatic off cycle defrost

Model 5156-BB30 5156-BB58 5156-BB66 5156-BB165
Number of Bags 30 58 66 165
Temperature 2°C to 4°C
Temperature Accuracy + / - 1°C
Temperature Controller Digital P.I.D Controller
Display LCD / LED Display
Alarm Audio visual alarm for high and low temperature.
Power Failure Alarm Yes
Refrigerant Non-CFC Refrigerant (R134A)
Defrost type Automatic
Air Circulation Forced air circulation
External Construction Stainless Steel 304 grades / MS Power Coated
Interior Construction Stainless steel 304
Insulation CFC free high density polyurethane foam insulation
Shelves Adjustable and made of quality steel wire
Doors Solid and Glass Doors w/ magnet packing & lock
Illumination Fluorescent Lamp
Safety Device High and low temperature protection
Power Supply 220 Volts
Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE and UL listed
AABB, ANRC, FDA and DIN 58371
Optional Accessories - Temperature chart recorder
- Password protection device
- Printer interface
- Inner glass door (inspection window)
- Caster wheels
- Computer interface
- Voltage stabilizer
- Solar power
- Alarm (Temperature high / low, Power failure, Sensor open / Short, Door Open, Compressor on (only visual), Power on (only visual))

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