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Laboratory Miscellaneous/Consumables

2092 - Parafilm dispenser :
Code Packing
2092/1 1 PC
Parafilm M® is a thermoplastic self-sealing film that holds moisture loss to a minimum and offers excellent barrier protection to the content of tubes, beakers, flasks, petridish, vials etc.
This dispenser does not include PARAFILM

2093 - Petri Seal
Code Size Packing
2093/1 0.5” x 108’ 1 Roll
For colour put the following suffix after the Code No.
B=Blue, C=Clear, R=Red, W=White, Y=Yellow

2094 - Indicator Tape for Steam Autoclave
Code Size Packing
2094/1 0.5” x 108’ 1 Roll
Versatile tape indicates completion of normal sterilization process

2095 - Splifyter Lab Soakers
Code Size Packing
2095/1 16” x 20” pad 250 pads
2095/2 20” x 400’ Roll 1 Roll
Chemical and skid resistant backing absorbs spills and cushion delicate glassware. Used for lining hoods, animal cages, trays, drawers or shelves. Can be used as bench top protector and as floor soaker for wiping up spills.
Light Duty soakers absorbs 750 ml/sq meter
Heavy Duty Soakers with durable top fabric absorbs 1050 ml/sq meter
Code Size Packing
2095/3 16” x 20” pad 200 pads
2095/4 20” x 200’ Roll 1 Roll

2096 - Tough Tags :
Code Description lxb mm Packing
2096/1 Tough Tags 24 x 12.7 1000
2096/2 Tough Tags 32.5 x 12.7 1000
2096/3 Tough Spots dia 9.5 1000
2096/4 Tough Spots dia 12.7 1000
These are chemically inert polyester labels which will strongly adhere to all plastics and other material. They are temperature o o resistant from -40o C to 121o C. These labels will withstand autoclaving, boiling water baths, freezer temperatures, organic solvents, caustic agents and other challenges without peeling.

2097 - Tough Tags Station :
Code Packing
2097/1 1
Note : Supplied without tough tags/spots

2098 - Kimwipes
Code Size Packing
2098/1 11.17 x 21.3 280
2098/2 37.33 x 42.16 140

2099 - Multipurpose Labelling Tape
Code Size Packing
2099/1 075” x 500” 1 Rollq
Autoclavable tapes adhere to almost any dry surface i.e. glass, plastics, metal, paper or rubber. Sticks throughout the most demanding procedures and is oil proof, water proof and acid resistant.
For colour put the following suffix after the Code No.
B=Blue, G=Green, O=Orange, W=White, Y=Yellow

2100 - Multi Tape Dispenser
Code Size Packing
2100/1 for 500” Roll 1 Roll
These dispensers facilitate easy dispensing from one convenient location.
Unique design allows fast additional or replacement of tape oil.
Supplied without labeling tape

2101 - Markers
Code Size Packing
2101/1 Marker Red, Blue, Green, Black 4

2102 -Wypall X40 Wipers :
Code Size (cm) Colour No. of per case
2102/1 21.75x36.5 White 56 sheets
2102/2 38x23.4 Blue 1 roll - 300 mtr.
  • This product will consistently delivery the wiping performance that you need in convenient and cost effective manner.
  • Wiper is highly absorbent, thus controls usage and reduces wastage.
  • One time use and throw wipers, eliminates cross-contamination.
  • Wipers have low lint hence do not leave particles behind.

2103 - Biohazard Disposable Bags, PP:
Code Size Color No. per case
2103/1 12x24” Red 100 pc
2103/2 24x36” Red 100 pc
Bright red colour polypropylene bags are easy to open and is used to dispose used plastic & other products, Autoclavable with Biohazard logo printed.

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